You Don’t Need To Develop That Story.

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You should not push every story. Not every idea can be shipped. Many of our ideas ought to be joined to other ideas to be able to excel or succeed as a proper idea.

Drafts: I do not know if I’m the only one but the availability of drafts really excites me. Not to make you fall in love with something almost as insignificant but the idea behind having drafts on online article platforms is exhilarating.
It feels like you are on a cliff but a secure cliff with bungee ropes there to pull you up when you fall, in case you fall.
I am in love with drafts, you should be too.

I’m not sure if I have made my point clear, trying to make you love the existence of drafts but, looking through my drafts just made me appreciate ideas being birthed out of preexisting ideas.

Many ideas cannot thrive in isolation and many storylines are not complete without the addition of some other themes. Your drafts are there for a purpose, REFLECTING.
You do not have to push the button to publish just yet. Some of them are not clear stories but you can make them right with patience.

Why all of this rambling?
Well, my drafts just showed me that my unpublished works would need a lot of time to be complete. That frustrated me because I thought I could touch up and publish. But, NO!!!!! They cannot be understood, not even by me.

That’s just me thinking out loud. More like I am advising myself. I hope someone gets something from this though…

p.s.; This 30-day writing challenge has not been easy at all.

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Christian, Nigerian, Writer. Writing my thoughts as they are😉

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Oluwamayowa Ajewole

Oluwamayowa Ajewole

Christian, Nigerian, Writer. Writing my thoughts as they are😉

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