The Truth About Failure

Yeah, you have to hear this

Oluwamayowa Ajewole
2 min readSep 27, 2023
A person falling and people pointing at him with the word ‘failure’ in the background

This will probably be the 1000th piece you have read on failure or the truth about failure. You probably sighed “Not again”, but this isn’t exactly what you think it is. This is like a mini-journaling experience.

The trajectory of this topic has shifted over time. It is no longer a societal stigma to fail (I subtly disagree). Many people now encourage you to embrace failure because it teaches you life lessons you can learn from. This is solid advice, no doubt.
Well…until you open your student portal and see that F that cannot be changed and will forever make a mark on your cgpa.

An F does teach you life lessons, one of which would be trauma. So much that you avoid foods or apps that start with an F. You probably get chased in your dreams by an F-shaped Teletubby.

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Laughs aside, it is the ultimate truth. Failure is indeed part of the process, we may have to stop letting it catch us by surprise. We often like to have retakes and second chances to no longer fail on those tasks or events. It is just the human thing to want. But, one thing is clear…

Failure is no respecter of persons

Failure hits you in ways that can be brutal, especially when you put your entire time and effort into doing that thing right. You thought you had it all covered till you received 20 rejection emails. Talk about esteem crushers.

I’m here to sympathise with those who have faced failure and cannot retrace their steps per se. I don’t want to tell you what to do about it. I bet you already have Maguires that aspire and inspire your life (Nigerian Lingo).

All I want to say is you are seen. That hurt from that failure isn’t weakness or stupidity. It is genuine. Time runs out fast so you have very little time to process failures these days. No one has the patience to. It is a flying world where 2 hours now feel like 20 minutes so you always have to go back faster than you left.

Accept my sympathies as I struggle not to give any advice. Feel what you want to feel, ask all the questions. I feel it too, the pangs of failure.



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