New Year Street

A not so short story (Reminiscence)

Oluwamayowa Ajewole
3 min readJan 1, 2022

It is 8 pm on the 31st of December and Havilah is stuck in traffic in Iyana Ipaja, Lagos. Mide and Havillah met on the bus and struck a conversation after the rude conductor tried to pick a fight with Havilah. The calm in her response is what made Mide a little worried.

“Are you going to let him keep the change? Drag him oooh” said Mide in an attempt to prove that Lagos has taught him mild madness, the type of madness needed to deal with rude conductors and frustrated traders.

Havilah could not be bothered today, the atmosphere was different for her. As a Lagos babe, she knew well how to ‘change it’ for conductors especially this particular conductor. But, she had her mind clouded in thoughts of the whole year. Plus, she didn’t want to end the year with spoilt air in her stomach.

“I am not even in his space today. I am rather happy the year is coming to an end. Let him take the money, abeg.” Out of curiosity and habit, she asked Mide “How’s the end of the year like for you? What do you think about it?”

Mide was not feeling the holiday in any way. To him, it was just going to be another day to make as much money as he could. “What’s there to this Gregorian calendar that everything on earth has to stop? Tomorrow is just going to be another day. So, yeah! It going to be tomorrow to me” Mide said as he adjusted himself on the wooden seat in the bus.

“I’m hearing this for the umpteenth time and I have the same response to it.” Havilah retorted. “Maybe, we have gotten so familiar with life that we don’t know how to pause and be grateful for times that have come and passed. Don’t you think we move on too fast in life? I believe a new year marked by the calendar helps you see how far you have come, not to mention how old you have become. ”

Mide was already giving side eyes but he wanted to hear her a bit more.

“A new year is a big deal. It is possible that this generation is so out of tune with in-season and out-of-season moments that they rarely look back on things they ought to be grateful for.” She continued, a little excited.

“Yeah, right! I hope all these make sense to you in the end. Enjoy the new year though, you have fancy ideas about life” Mide remarked with a tone of sarcasm.

“I will. Enjoy the new year too.” Havilah replied pretending not to read through his sarcasm. She was 2 minutes away from her bus stop anyway. What need is there to convince him further?

[To Be Continued]



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