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Travails of a niche-less writer

Oluwamayowa Ajewole
2 min readJan 11, 2022
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Trying new things is probably one of the most relieving things for many people. It is exciting for many. Getting a new house, a new job, learning a new game, learning a new recipe for cookies and a host of other new things people are engaged in.

[Ignore that sub-topic, please. I like a lot of drama].

So, when it comes to everything that pertains to human living, there are always exceptions. There are those who are never excited about new things. Those who thrive in the forced serenity of their comfort zone and they do not want change. Then, there’s those who are stuck right at the thought of starting that new thing or continuing something new. That’s where I am.

Here’s the thing; being stuck really sucks. I had a new idea for my writing this year. The plan was to write a lot of stories and explore my story-writing side. Storytelling is a new niche for me, out of my comfort zone by a lot. There’s no telling how well you can write a certain niche if you don’t try it first, right?

Now, the problem is not the story. The problem is the guilt that I may be no storyteller. Maybe all those poems deceived me. You know how you think you can pull something off cos’ you tried something a tad similar to it. Yeah, I am right at that point.

Don’t worry. “DO IT” and “TRY IT” are already on my to-do list so, they are probably not the best words I can get right now. Putting this out there makes it possible for people to see a little vulnerability, I guess.

When your plan does not work out and you get lemons in life, try to add some sugar while turning it into lemon juice. I don’t know if where I am is where I get to make the juice, but it’s not a bad choice. Maybe you, my reader, will draw inspiration is something here. Who knows?

Though nicheless, I can find solace in the warmth of a new concept and strength in the complexity of a new niche. I don’t know.



Oluwamayowa Ajewole

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