Do You Love The Person You Are Becoming?

Reflect on who you think you have become.

Oluwamayowa Ajewole
2 min readJan 2, 2021
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Trust me, I do not intend to spoil the 2nd day of the year for you, neither do I want to make it sound too deep but I have too many questions to ask.
Learn to love the person you are becoming? What if I can’t see that the person I am becoming is not me?

2020 was actually a very significant year of influence. So many amazing trends and wonderful thought patterns that helped us learn. But some people passed on negative energy and tried to make some actions spurred by this energy the norm.

I don’t want to go through the herculean task of explaining each action I found weird. They might just not be general thoughts or sentiments and I wouldn't want to make this article longer than it should be.
However, I know there is a way to sift some patterns you noticed that were rampant in 2020. For example, one pattern I do not like is the Cancel culture.

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Maybe it has its positive sides, who knows? I just cannot grasp the whole concept and following the crowd can prove to be deadly. What if I need to be there for that person to survive? What if that person just needs a little time? What if that person needs a little space to see that they really can open up?

My question for you is what changes did you take last year? What decisions did you make because of external influence? Did it really sit well with you or are you still adjusting to some things, even after 6 months?

Do you love where you are? Do you love what you did to a brother yesterday? Do you really feel fulfilled after pranking that person?

p.s. no be say make you con turn stone-cold ooh (I am not saying you should be stone-cold).

I just want you to reflect on all you learned and see if that is really who you want to become. Evaluate your journey so far.

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