Lost In “Do It"

“Do It”

A song of motivation

A piece of honest advice

The reason for happenings

The essence of ideas

Two words, infinite possibilities


“Do It”

Very subtle but strong

Determines who gets the bag

Chooses who chooses it first

Many will not go wrong if they only did “Do It”.

Some may go wrong, we just don’t talk about that.


“Do It”

These fierce words find me trembling ever so slightly

Not at the instant that I heard them

Nor at the moment that I made them actions

But at the strain of moving with my actions

These words have landed me in trouble.


“Do It”

Bet that I am doing “it”

But, who is going to save me from my will.

Breezy enough to let me float like a leaf

Bold enough to overwhelm my capacity.

Bro, will you catch me when I fall?

Christian, Nigerian, Writer. Writing my thoughts as they are😉