I Hope Not To Confuse You

Speaking about adulting is probably one of my favourite things to do and it’s probably the same for those in my age group.

We speak about the good and the bad, most times we rant. Especially because many of us are a little confused/scared but excited and ready at the same time. Atleast, I know I am confused, in a way.

I just hope I do not rope you into my confusion with this article…

Earlier this week, I spoke with a friend on adulting. My friend asked this question:

What do you wish you knew about adulthood when you were a child?

She asked people generally by the way. My response was this:

One thing I wished someone told me was that the so-called freedom of choice was not as exclusive as adults made it seem.

When I was younger, I admired how adults made decisions on the spot. I was completely oblivious of the fact that those "instant, on the spot" decisions were as a result of so many factors cooked up in their heads and by society.

You know how all the things you had to do as a child were decided by your parents and you say to yourself "when I'm older, I won't have anyone tell me what to do".

That particular sentence is a scam.

I realized late.

Your parents are not necessarily telling you what to do in adulthood. This time, it's your job, your child, your reputation, your "so many other factors".

I just wish I had my mind prepared right from time.

But, I guess that's the beauty of adulting; not knowing how it's going to look like but still going on anyway.

I wasn’t trying to be a sage. I just genuinely felt I could have been better prepared.

After saying that, I had second thoughts about why it was best that I didn’t know what every ‘adult’ day would be like and how that was probably the best thing that happened to me.

It doesn’t seem like anything has us prepared for the future. We just go for it anyway.

Oftentimes the thought that our knowledge of the future would help us plan properly may only apply to office projects and school exams.

If it is life, there are many uncertainties we just have to come by. Just because it is life.

Being torn between both views is where I find myself. Not accepting that I couldn’t have prepared better and not accepting that it was totally the best thing for me.

Hope I haven’t left you confused? If you are…



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