How do you enjoy life?

Musings on living life to the fullest.

Oluwamayowa Ajewole
2 min readJun 13, 2021

Enjoyment is an essential way of life. I wonder why it was not added to the characteristics of living things (Mr Niger D). It is quite relevant in my opinion.

Humour aside, everyone has a definition of enjoyment. Most times, it is based on what situation you find yourself or the quality of life you live.

But, how exactly do you enjoy life?

Long from now, I realised that doing things that make you happy every single time can spoil future events of happiness and enjoyment. So, it’s standard for me that enjoyment is always about you shining your set of 32 teeth.

For example, eating fruits and vegetables may not necessarily make you smile but they make your body enjoy, especially on days that you are really craving ice cream and pizza.

For some, enjoyment can be redefined as staying in their study for hours reading their favourite book or doing thorough exegesis on the bible. Others just want to see their loved ones' faces, they enjoy that. Some others are psychopaths enjoying weird stuff.

Many love to take pictures of everything. Some love to kiss everyone they meet like they were family. They enjoy that.

So, my question is do I get to enjoy even in pain?

Or… do I have the wrong idea of what enjoyment means?

I need to know how to enjoy life in its fullness. What does it mean to enjoy life?

P.S: If it’s weird, it’s because I wrote as I was thinking. Please, bear with this unseasoned writer.



Oluwamayowa Ajewole

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