Forces Can Try To Break Dreams.

What do you do when circumstances try to tie down your goals

It’s been a very long year for Nigerian students and it has only been 12 days. From 2020, it’s like students have been dancing on boiling oil.

From ASUU strike to Lockdown, to the continuation of the strike and to the Federal Government calling for schools to shut down or not begin activities because of the second wave.

No preparation in place to ensure that the students don’t lose years down the line waiting for a proper system that can help is during these waves of Covid.

No special provision for education in the country except for private schools.

Like a respected person I know said once and I paraphrase, “Being a Nigerian already puts you at a disadvantage”, students around the world are not happy to be in this country, at this time.

It is difficult being a NIGERIAN, to be honest. It is even more difficult to be a Nigerian federal school student.

Not like the level of education or teaching process was anything to write home about, adding strikes and protests to the equation is an irresponsible move from the government and ASUU. No regard or consideration for those whose lives are stacked on education.

Backwardness seems to be the order of the day.

Those who want to dream now have to cower at the sight of the educational system in the country. It is like they cannot see that the entire situation reduces chances or opportunity for a lot of people.

Grossly unfair.

Is it right to have a system that excretes on the dreams and goals of its citizens?

Dear Government, are you not ashamed of failing us over and over again?

At least, give us something to work with.